Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the most influential companies associated with stocks to issue fast working capital. For the company, nothing gives them much honor as to top off the stock-based loans. The company has its presence in various parts of the world with offices in four continents in the world. The headquarters of the company is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Equities First Holdings is now a leader in the alternative financial solutions through shareholder. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy, has noted that there is an increase in the adoption of stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during this era of harsh economic crisis. Stock-based and margin loans are highly adopted during a harsh economic crisis. During the season of economic crisis, there is an inevitable market fluctuation of stocks and other treasuries. Bonds are also affected with an economic crisis. Moreover, banks and other sources of credit-based loans and financial companies have their loan qualification criteria tightened. For this reason, they engage in issuing the loans using higher interest rates to have most of their customers scared away from the loans. However, the traction of the stock-based loans has grown over the years.

There are many other financing options left for the companies and high net-worth individuals. However, the banks have their lending options cut down to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis for the sake of the population. For this reason, traction of the credit-based loans is often too low for significance purposes. The Founder of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, has seen the traction of the stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during an era of economic crisis. Stock-based loans are also characterized by low-interest rates to attract most companies and individuals seeking the fast working capital. As a matter of fact, they are also characterized by the high loan-to-value ratio which allows you to enjoy the proceeds of the loan with greater benefit. The low-interest rates are fixed even during an economic crisis.

According to Al Christy, many people do not understand that there are many differences between the margin and stock-based loans. According to him, there are marked differences between the two. For the stock-based loans, you are not required to state the intended use of the loan as one of the qualification methods. However, this is the case with the margin loans.

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IAP Worldwide, the Pride of United States

One can never talk about solving the problems in the US without mentioning IAP Worldwide, a company founded in Irmo, a town in Richland and Lexington counties. The company has a mission to eradicate many problems encountered on a daily basis. They may range from natural calamities to wars. It does this through a series of inventions such as airspace launch and management and maintenance of commercial and military properties. Through hard work, it has grown to become a global company winning contracts in different continents.

The company raised its capital through the help of Kaye Scholer who acted on behalf of IAP Worldwide’s lenders as he had the experience required to restructure the capital which they successfully achieved.

One of the greatest achievements of the company was on 2016 when the US Army selected it to provide their services to them because of their outstanding efforts in satisfying clients. The contract, valued at over $900million, was for providing the framework and maintenance of the services they offered in the military base.

It has also acquired Logistics Business and DRS Technologies in Oklahoma with the aim of tapping the skills from these companies to provide its long-term future. Also, it will increase its efficiency to deliver the services to the targeted customers.

The Significance of IAP Worldwide

– Emergency response

IAP Worldwide has become an integral part in case of accidents as its emergency response is unmatched. Take for instance the Hurricane Mathews; the company responded in a greater manner offering the assistance in the affected regions. The result was calming the intensity of the disaster. They achieve this by use of social media such Facebook whereby they could be reached quickly in case of emergency.

– Job opportunities

The company, with its growth globally, hires a large workforce. These are both skilled and unskilled personnel who are required to provide the services. This model has made it one of the biggest global employers. The result is an improvement of the livelihood where the company works. The jobs are available throughout the year as the company embarks on searching for the right candidates for the job. The job seekers apply for the jobs online on the company’s LinkedIn page where they post their resumes. The jobs available are in the fields of Engineering Operations, Accounting, and Logistics.

The impact of the company is something to watch and emulate. The future certainly looks bright with the efforts in place ensuring that the corporation achieves greater heights.

The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

A person who display greatness can be a blessing which comes in many different forms whether it’s intellectual or physical. People seem to admire these special talented individuals and for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, many of these talented people will never become household names, but that’s not the end goal as this article will talk about a guy with a brilliant mind (in-a-sense) and what he’s achieved in his lifetime.

Eric Pulier is his name and technology is his game. The Teaneck, New Jersey native has always had a fond liking for technology or any other techno gadget. As a youngster, Pulier always seem to be more creative than his peers as he could take the smallest of ideas and turn them into something practical. Having ingenuity like this doesn’t come by chance and is much more so a natural born talent. In just the fourth grade this guy programmed his very first computer and by high school he had already founded his first computer database company. Yes, the foundation was set during these years, but who knew that he would end up being such a huge success years later. Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University. The English/American Literature Major played many key roles during this time as an editor for the Harvard Crimson publication in which he also wrote his very own column. The guy literally carried multiple projects at one time unlike his peers and this would set the ball in motion for the years to cum. In 1988 he graduated magna cum laude and in 1991 Pulier setoff to Los Angeles, California to pursue his professional career.

Eric Pulier started a great company known as (PDT) People Doing Things. This company used innovative technology to solve issues in the education and healthcare fields respectfully. As of today he has been the owner of 15 companies and after selling his last venture/business for a whopping $350 Million. This guy is the real deal all while donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to capital ventures as well as tech start-up companies. Eric pulier personifies greatness and his long list of accomplishments is a testament to his success.

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Wessex Institute of Technology Is Europe’s Top Research Organization

Where They Are Located

The Wessex Institute holds a very unique location at the New Forest National Park in Central England. The park is over 400 square kilometers in size and features mostly unspoilt nature. This used to be the private hunting grounds for royalty hundreds of years ago.

Their Board of Directors

Professor Carlos Brebbia currently hold the position of CEO of the Wessex Institute. Their board also includes many members from Universities in Europe and the United States of America. Their staff includes: Alex Cheng, Geoffrey Broadbent, Patrick de Wilde, Stefano Mambretti, Matiur Rahman, Eckart Schnack and serveral other famous figures from the academic community.

Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

They hold yearly conferences that discuss many societal and scientific issues that our world faces. Some of their conferences are: International Conferences on Big Data, International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Conferences on Risk Analysis.

To learn more about the school’s conferences and research programs, check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia page.

Jason Hope And Giving Back To AZ Community

Jason Hope Gives Back to ScottsdaleOne thing that could be said for Jason Hope is that he is a philanthropist. He is someone that loves giving back to his community. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ, and is very passionate about making sure people in his community have their needs met. He takes a lot of time off to give to the welfare of others. One of the reasons he does that is because he believes that he is in the position to do so. The cities of AZ especially need people that will contribute to the community. There are a lot of programs that will be put in place for him.

One of the reasons that Jason Hope is so generous is because he is a technology entrepreneur. Therefore, he gets to experience all of the profitability and freedom that an entrepreneur has. This allows him a lot of extra money so that he could give to others in need and  that will make sure that people who are less fortunate are able to enjoy some greater comfort. Among the ways Jason Hope helps the community is by giving to local organizations and offering students grants to help pay for school He makes sure that people in these organizations are able to have something they need.

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He is also providing support to global organizations with the money he needs. This is something that is really generous of him. It shows that he is truly grateful for his position in life. It also shows that he is understanding of the obstacles that people face. He himself understands that while he is successful, it is not something that has come easy for people, including him. Therefore, he is willing to offer support to people that are also trying to overcome their obstacles. Jason Hope is willing to provide the support that they need so that they can truly move forward.

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A Secure and Global World

Securus Technologies as a reliable and high-quality Information Technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is well known nationally for its focus on the niche United States justice system. This unique perspective on a customer base mean that security is a dedicated and well-structured Company, one that is customer-driven and just regards any sort of social stigma that its customers may have. Many of its customers are actually incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the American penal system for past mistakes they had made. It was recently released that should cure it seems to promote its video conferencing software technology, in order to try and bring in more customers to the program. This is a wonderful idea as secure as offers high-quality and reliable services and products to its customers, something that more people should be able to enjoy.


The particular product that Securus Technologies is promoting in this fashion is it’s free downloadable video chat application. The small and simple piece of software can be downloaded for free and is compatible with both Apple and Android Technologies. The software is supported on other devices as well besides mobile devices, such as laptops, desktop PCs and a variety of other digital devices. The purpose of this software is to avoid family members from having to travel long distances to visit with the incarcerated loved ones. The software is seamless and is able to stream video chat without flaw. And has been the difference between whether or not family members be able to efficiently communicate with the roommate loved ones, and it’s been a lifesaver for the penal system world.


There is no doubt that the press release will bring in more customers to already happy number that Securus already has. This is great news for the world and Securus.


Fabletics: Activewear Revolution

Living a healthy lifestyle is something we as a people should always strive for. Unfortunately most people just don’t have the passion, motivation, or time to put their plans into fruition. Work and family seems to consume most of the day leaving you tired and physically drained. You don’t have to be a professional fitness buff to have a great body, but you do need a strategic plan in order to get the ball rolling. Once you’ve structured your workout regimen, it’s now time to pick out the proper clothing.

Of course you can train in your average everyday attire, but those clothing threads can lead to restricted movements and uncontrolled moisture build-up. Yuck! Finding some great training attire can be tricky, but luckily there’s one brand that’s changing the game for women’s attire. Fabletics is the name and activewear is the game. Fabletics was designed and inspired by women and for women. Fabletics was co-founded by Actress Kate Hudson and this revolutionary brand launched back in October of 2013. Hudson herself leads an active lifestyle and not just by being a Hollywood actress, but more so by exercising and health. Her mission is to motivate her fellow females with this brand by giving the general public comfortable and stylish activewear for working out.

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Fabletics has found a nice niche for it’s product line. Women’s attire is full of luxurious attire, but seemed to lack in the activewear department. The downside of these luxury brands are their expensive price tags and that’s where Fabletics fills the void. This innovative brand offers tops, training bras, sweatpants, yoga pants, and many more items for training. Whether you’re sweating it out in gym class or chasing the kids around the house, Fabletics offer comfort and style for every occasion. The structure of the brand is set-up a bit different from most other clothing lines. This is more of a membership community of active and like-minded people. You’ll first register with the company/brand then complete a survey about your lifestyle and training preferences. That’s it! Each member will receive outfits that are personalized by the person’s actual preferences.

This brand is making all of the waves in the female fitness industry and with such huge success, Fabletics will be opening up new stores across the nation in Newark, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and many more areas. The brands social media accounts are blazing as well and has thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Growth has come very fast since it started out in the online marketplace, but with a newer version of men’s clothing set to appear soon, Fabletics will certainly be the number one brand worldwide.

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Town Residential Extreme Success

The people who work for Town Residential know that success is one of the biggest parts of the business model that they have set up for the way that they work. They want to make sure that they are the most successful real estate agency on Manhattan and in all of New York City. To do this, they go above and beyond and they have acquired some of the best real estate agents in the city. They also have worked very hard to network which has allowed them to increase the business that they have and make major changes to their customer base.


People in New York City, and specifically Manhattan, know the name Town Residential. That is because it is actually difficult to walk down a street without seeing the tell-tale sign. People who have never seen a residential sign are surely able to recognize the Town logo in land development and in the way of business and commercial properties. They are major players in the New York City real estate agency and they have proven themselves to be both wildly popular and extremely successful in the real estate market in New York City.


The industry of real estate in New York City demands that only experts be able to navigate the strict guidelines, the rent-locked locations and the hot pieces of property that will go quicker than they would in other cities. This means that real estate agents should be prepared for anything when it comes to the way that things work in New York City. Town Residential agents are able to do this and much more because of the way that they work hard to make sure that they can give their clients exactly what they want. It is a major change from the typical real estate game in New York City.


The contacts that Town has made do not hurt things, either. They started off with their parent company, Thor Equity. The company has been in New York City for many years and they have been working with the people of Town since the inception of the real estate agency three years ago. This has allowed them to make waves in many different parts of the market and to make the connections that they need in order to be successful with the path that they have chosen for their real estate game.


The professional experience that they have combined with the industry expertise that they have and the contacts that they have made throughout their time in the industry has led them to be very successful. Whether they are working to create a new development, to find the perfect luxury apartment for someone in the city or to find a great business space for their huge business client, Town Residential knows how to deliver. They have worked hard to get where they are and their success has paid off and is evident in the fact that they have just opened their tenth office in the past three years.


Lovaganza: The Celebration of Culture

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand aimed at showcasing different cultures of different people in all nations in order to bring understanding about these various communities and boost the peace and unity among them. It’s a worldwide program. The program will take place in the year 2020 from May to September after being postponed from 2015. There will be exhibitions on in form of art and pictures from different cultures and other various forms of entertainment together with live performances and events to capture all adventure from different sources.

It is intended to incorporate the available and the emerging technologies in entertainment for effective presentations. These presentations are a manifestation of a future that is hoped to be achieved by the end of this humanitarian mission. Lovaganza will have locations in America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It is organized in two different structures, Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is profit oriented and the Lovaganza Foundation which uses the profits attained to achieve a universal goal.

The viewers on will be able to watch shows, movies and exhibitions on 180 degrees glassless3D curved wraparound screen of the Caravans and pavilions and a 360 degrees screen in the Chapiteau. This is the Lovaganza Immerscope. This will be effective especially if people are going to learn the cultures of the rest. The goal to unite is based on the common understanding of what connects all cultures as well as the uniqueness of individual cultures. Lovaganza are determined to achieve their objects at the end of these festivals thus a lot of effort has been put into it.

Lovaganza also has the traveling show at the beginning of 2020 in order to advertise the brand and show the people a preview of what should be expected. It will involve a walk around the world by the audience where they move from country to country in different continents while figuring out what is common or unique among different countries and cultures. It is like a world party where everyone is invited. It is the promotion of culture and acceptance of diversity that rather unifies than setting apart.

The Collections of Michael Zomber


Michael Zomber has become very famous for the things he collects. He takes both of his large collections of samurai swords and antique guns very seriously. This has resulted in him becoming an expert regarding the history of these weapons. He is constantly interviewed by many of the leading historical and collecting publications. He always loves to share his knowledge with other people who are interested in the same things he is.

Michael Zomber received a pair of bachelor’s degrees from the University of Illinois. He majored in psychology and English. Michael knew that he would be able to get a better job if he continued his studies. Therefore, he enrolled in the graduate program at UCLA. He would earn a master’s degree in English literature from this school. Michael was at a crossroads after he finished his college studies. He was not sure what type of career he wanted to get into. He had many job offers in a wide range of industries. He could have never guessed how a trip to a gun show would change his life forever.

Michael was taken to a gun show by a friend, as he’s told on Facebook before. He had no particular interest in guns. However, he decided to go because he did not have anything else to do. He became very interested in the antique guns that were for sale. Michael went to the local library and started to read everything he could about these guns. This would eventually lead Michael to assemble one of the world’s best antique gun collections.

However, guns are not the only items collected by Michael Zomber. He also has a very impressive collection of samurai swords. His interest in samurai originally came from some books he read when he was young. He always admired the code of honor that the samurai lived by. Michael based the screenplay for a film he wrote on the samurai way of life. The film was received very well by many critics who watched it. The samurai sword collection of Michael Zomber has been temporarily displayed at many of the greatest museums in various countries.