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Affordable Housing In Baltimore a Reality Thanks To Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC in 2015 with the focused goal of creating more affordable home ownership in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. He guested on the Larry Young Morning Show recently, speaking about his latest project for the urban development company. He told the radio show host that he is quite passionate about increasing the number of homeowners in the city.

Seawright pointed out how stable neighborhoods can become, once home owners increase in number. For many of his company’s clients, this will be the first opportunity they can have to buy a home. He says the history of home ownership proves that when people have pride in their own homes, they work with others to build a safer, happier, and a more productive society. He says this is critically important for Baltimore, which currently has less than 49 percent home owners. The Larry Young radio show is aired over WOLB Talk 1010.

This will create a more solid, healthy, and happy society there, he believes. That is why his RPS Solutions works so hard to help low-income families get the mortgage loans they need to buy a new or refurbished home in Baltimore. His company has been especially focused on the Belvedere Square neighborhood.

Kevin Seawright is a Baltimore native whose career had been focused on managing large projects in education, real estate, and for local government agencies in areas of New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Maryland. He was the Executive Vice President and CFO for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC). Seawright is highly educated and has vast experience in managing large community projects.  Read more about him, and his appointment at the NCEDC on NJBiz.

Adam Goldenberg Proves That Personalization Sells Fashion

Even as a teenager, Adam Goldenberg knew he wanted to run his own business. By the time Goldenberg graduated high school, he had started, successfully operated and sold his first business, Gamer’s Alliance. Adam Goldenberg joined Intermix Media, the company that bought Gamer’s Alliance and he rose, at age 19, to Chief Operating Officer. At Intermix Media, Adam met longtime business associate Don Ressler.

Soon after Intermix Media was sold, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty, a brand-building business. It was Intelligent Beauty that launched JustFab, a global subscription ecommerce company that has 35 million members.

Currently, Adam Goldenberg is Co-CEO of JustFab, Inc., parent company of ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics, an activewear company. He believes in using customer feedback to drive the company’s merchandising decisions. JustFab sells what people want, as opposed to selling clothing and shoes that are not fashionable or well-made with a flashy website and slick marketing.

Goldenberg knew there was a lot of competition in the online fashion retail fashion industry, therefore, JustFab had to stand out from the competition. Creating an engaging community with style tips, the latest fashion and affordable prices worked out well for Adam Goldenberg; JustFab is exceeding expectations, with $650 million annually in sales. Goldenberg credits JustFab’s rapid growth to giving consumers cutting-edge fashion for $39.95. When the fashion retailer’s members receive their monthly item, Goldenberg wants them to smile.

Goldenberg is a venture partner at Los Angeles-based Crosscut Ventures, a funding source for innovative technology startups. Goldenberg looks for the same passion and willingness to take risks when hiring people to work at JustFab as he does when he evaluates entrepreneurs seeking funding from Crosscut Ventures. In multiple interviews on, Goldenberg stressed that he only hires very intelligent, passionate people who he can challenge to produce extraordinary results.

Goldenberg’s latest venture is bringing Fabletics on, JustFab’s fastest growing business unit, to consumers in brick and mortar stores.

Securus Technologies Introduces New ConnectUs Feature

Securus Technologies just introduced a new and improved system to help streamline the prison grievance and forms application. The Dallas-based company is the leading provider of prison technology and communication systems in the U.S.

The new ConnectUs feature is the latest technology designed to cut paperwork time in half. The Forms and Grievance Application is a prime example of how technology can make procedures that used to be long and time consuming extremely fast.

Each year, jails and other correctional facilities use tons of paper to perform all types of tasks. They can sit at a desk for hours on in filling out paperwork, copying, distributing and storing forms. The new process allows almost 14 grievance and medical forms per month per inmate.

The entire staff is very excited about the new system because it frees up time so that we can tackle real issues like security,” said an unnamed staff member.

The application will also be available in several languages to accommodate inmates who don’t speak English.

Brad Reifler on Real Life Money Monster

Recently, a new movie called Money Monster was released. The basic plot line of the fictional movie was simple. A middle class American was frustrated with a news anchor for how simple Wall St. was portrayed, when Wall St. was essentially an exclusive club for the obscenely wealthy. While there are dramatized points in the movie, the same message really holds true in reality. Wall St. is unfairly modeled to protect the wealthy. This is something that Brad Reifler hopes to battle against with his firm Forefront Capital.

Forefront Capital is a global financial firm that works with subsidiaries and provides realistic financial advice and services to middle class Americans. The biggest appeal of the firm is that it is able to attract high profile and professional individuals while still catering to the smaller middle class American funds.

Through this firm, Brad Reifler hopes to solve some of the biggest issues with Wall St. that prevent individuals with a lower capital from entering into the investment world. Some of the problems as Brad Reifler outlines are below.

A major issue in Wall St. is fees that are associated with investment portfolios. Large fees are still applied by brokers at investment firms regardless of the quality of the work of the broker. That means that whether an individual loses or gains money, the broker is still gaining the same amount of base money through management fees.

Another issue present in Wall St. that limits the amount a middle class American can participate is the quality of investments available to non-accredited investors. Middle class Americans usually do not have the ability to go through the accreditation process, which severely limits the possibilities of investments. For example, without accreditation, middle class Americans can not invest in private equity funds or hedge funds.

Brad Reifler aims to solve the above problems for middle class Americans through Forefront Capital.  Read more about Brad on his website, and check out his free advice on Twitter.

Dick DeVos Continues His Fight For U.S. Education Reform

I have been aware of the name Dick DeVos since his days as the head of the Orlando Magic NBA team and later his leadership of the AmWay Group. I have always been impressed with the way DeVos conducts business, but recently his philanthropic work has made him an even more impressive person in my eyes. As always I look out for any articles giving me information on the lives of Dick DeVos and wife Betsy, which I recently found in the form of an interview with Betsy in Philanthropy Roundtable. The commitment made by Dick and Betsy DeVos to education reform across the U.S. is nothing short of staggering as the couple have continued to fund programs centered on school choice far from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not only do Dick and Betsy fund the political campaigns to install these programs in each state, but shocked me with the revelation they also fund advertising campaigns designed to make people aware of the coming deadlines revolving around the introduction of school voucher schemes. For Betsy and Dick DeVos this seems to have become more than just a program to fund, but I believe has become their passion.

As I stated earlier I first became aware of Dick DeVos when he was the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise, the arrival of the DeVos family saw a period of great success for the basketball team I love.  Dick DeVos has a global view on life that sees him provide funding for students from third world nations who wish to enter the world of business, I was pleased to see the establishment of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship at the Thunderbird School of Global Management become a reality in 2008, according to Wikipedia.