Archives: October 2016

Town Residential Extreme Success

The people who work for Town Residential know that success is one of the biggest parts of the business model that they have set up for the way that they work. They want to make sure that they are the most successful real estate agency on Manhattan and in all of New York City. To do this, they go above and beyond and they have acquired some of the best real estate agents in the city. They also have worked very hard to network which has allowed them to increase the business that they have and make major changes to their customer base.


People in New York City, and specifically Manhattan, know the name Town Residential. That is because it is actually difficult to walk down a street without seeing the tell-tale sign. People who have never seen a residential sign are surely able to recognize the Town logo in land development and in the way of business and commercial properties. They are major players in the New York City real estate agency and they have proven themselves to be both wildly popular and extremely successful in the real estate market in New York City.


The industry of real estate in New York City demands that only experts be able to navigate the strict guidelines, the rent-locked locations and the hot pieces of property that will go quicker than they would in other cities. This means that real estate agents should be prepared for anything when it comes to the way that things work in New York City. Town Residential agents are able to do this and much more because of the way that they work hard to make sure that they can give their clients exactly what they want. It is a major change from the typical real estate game in New York City.


The contacts that Town has made do not hurt things, either. They started off with their parent company, Thor Equity. The company has been in New York City for many years and they have been working with the people of Town since the inception of the real estate agency three years ago. This has allowed them to make waves in many different parts of the market and to make the connections that they need in order to be successful with the path that they have chosen for their real estate game.


The professional experience that they have combined with the industry expertise that they have and the contacts that they have made throughout their time in the industry has led them to be very successful. Whether they are working to create a new development, to find the perfect luxury apartment for someone in the city or to find a great business space for their huge business client, Town Residential knows how to deliver. They have worked hard to get where they are and their success has paid off and is evident in the fact that they have just opened their tenth office in the past three years.