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Wessex Institute of Technology Is Europe’s Top Research Organization

Where They Are Located

The Wessex Institute holds a very unique location at the New Forest National Park in Central England. The park is over 400 square kilometers in size and features mostly unspoilt nature. This used to be the private hunting grounds for royalty hundreds of years ago.

Their Board of Directors

Professor Carlos Brebbia currently hold the position of CEO of the Wessex Institute. Their board also includes many members from Universities in Europe and the United States of America. Their staff includes: Alex Cheng, Geoffrey Broadbent, Patrick de Wilde, Stefano Mambretti, Matiur Rahman, Eckart Schnack and serveral other famous figures from the academic community.

Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

They hold yearly conferences that discuss many societal and scientific issues that our world faces. Some of their conferences are: International Conferences on Big Data, International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Conferences on Risk Analysis.

To learn more about the school’s conferences and research programs, check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia page.

Jason Hope And Giving Back To AZ Community

Jason Hope Gives Back to ScottsdaleOne thing that could be said for Jason Hope is that he is a philanthropist. He is someone that loves giving back to his community. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ, and is very passionate about making sure people in his community have their needs met. He takes a lot of time off to give to the welfare of others. One of the reasons he does that is because he believes that he is in the position to do so. The cities of AZ especially need people that will contribute to the community. There are a lot of programs that will be put in place for him.

One of the reasons that Jason Hope is so generous is because he is a technology entrepreneur. Therefore, he gets to experience all of the profitability and freedom that an entrepreneur has. This allows him a lot of extra money so that he could give to others in need and  that will make sure that people who are less fortunate are able to enjoy some greater comfort. Among the ways Jason Hope helps the community is by giving to local organizations and offering students grants to help pay for school He makes sure that people in these organizations are able to have something they need.

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He is also providing support to global organizations with the money he needs. This is something that is really generous of him. It shows that he is truly grateful for his position in life. It also shows that he is understanding of the obstacles that people face. He himself understands that while he is successful, it is not something that has come easy for people, including him. Therefore, he is willing to offer support to people that are also trying to overcome their obstacles. Jason Hope is willing to provide the support that they need so that they can truly move forward.

Read Jason Hope’s blog for more information.


A Secure and Global World

Securus Technologies as a reliable and high-quality Information Technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is well known nationally for its focus on the niche United States justice system. This unique perspective on a customer base mean that security is a dedicated and well-structured Company, one that is customer-driven and just regards any sort of social stigma that its customers may have. Many of its customers are actually incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the American penal system for past mistakes they had made. It was recently released that should cure it seems to promote its video conferencing software technology, in order to try and bring in more customers to the program. This is a wonderful idea as secure as offers high-quality and reliable services and products to its customers, something that more people should be able to enjoy.


The particular product that Securus Technologies is promoting in this fashion is it’s free downloadable video chat application. The small and simple piece of software can be downloaded for free and is compatible with both Apple and Android Technologies. The software is supported on other devices as well besides mobile devices, such as laptops, desktop PCs and a variety of other digital devices. The purpose of this software is to avoid family members from having to travel long distances to visit with the incarcerated loved ones. The software is seamless and is able to stream video chat without flaw. And has been the difference between whether or not family members be able to efficiently communicate with the roommate loved ones, and it’s been a lifesaver for the penal system world.


There is no doubt that the press release will bring in more customers to already happy number that Securus already has. This is great news for the world and Securus.


Fabletics: Activewear Revolution

Living a healthy lifestyle is something we as a people should always strive for. Unfortunately most people just don’t have the passion, motivation, or time to put their plans into fruition. Work and family seems to consume most of the day leaving you tired and physically drained. You don’t have to be a professional fitness buff to have a great body, but you do need a strategic plan in order to get the ball rolling. Once you’ve structured your workout regimen, it’s now time to pick out the proper clothing.

Of course you can train in your average everyday attire, but those clothing threads can lead to restricted movements and uncontrolled moisture build-up. Yuck! Finding some great training attire can be tricky, but luckily there’s one brand that’s changing the game for women’s attire. Fabletics is the name and activewear is the game. Fabletics was designed and inspired by women and for women. Fabletics was co-founded by Actress Kate Hudson and this revolutionary brand launched back in October of 2013. Hudson herself leads an active lifestyle and not just by being a Hollywood actress, but more so by exercising and health. Her mission is to motivate her fellow females with this brand by giving the general public comfortable and stylish activewear for working out.

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Fabletics has found a nice niche for it’s product line. Women’s attire is full of luxurious attire, but seemed to lack in the activewear department. The downside of these luxury brands are their expensive price tags and that’s where Fabletics fills the void. This innovative brand offers tops, training bras, sweatpants, yoga pants, and many more items for training. Whether you’re sweating it out in gym class or chasing the kids around the house, Fabletics offer comfort and style for every occasion. The structure of the brand is set-up a bit different from most other clothing lines. This is more of a membership community of active and like-minded people. You’ll first register with the company/brand then complete a survey about your lifestyle and training preferences. That’s it! Each member will receive outfits that are personalized by the person’s actual preferences.

This brand is making all of the waves in the female fitness industry and with such huge success, Fabletics will be opening up new stores across the nation in Newark, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and many more areas. The brands social media accounts are blazing as well and has thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Growth has come very fast since it started out in the online marketplace, but with a newer version of men’s clothing set to appear soon, Fabletics will certainly be the number one brand worldwide.

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