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Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking and government information management solutions. It offers a wide range of technology that fosters emergency response, information management, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, inmate self-service and monitoring products and services. It aims at ensuring that the society, inmates, their families and parolees are kept safe.



Besides ensuring safety, Securus Technologies also focuses on ensuring that their customers get the best services. Recently, it revealed some of the responses that they got from their customers. Most facilities expressed satisfaction and gratitude saying that using the technology offered by Securus, they have been able to solve and also prevent crimes in the facilities. Through the use of investigative tools, facilities have also been able to conduct in-depth investigations into complaints of harassment or potential threats to security. Another facility that uses the phone monitoring systems by Securus was able to obtain information about inmate alcohol use, drug selling, threats, suspicious conversations about money, a past shooting incident and a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount.



One of the customers recognized Securus for their LBS software for its use in the sheriff’s department. The LBS has enabled the department to recover millions in drugs, illegal assets and cash money. Another customer said that they had listened to an inmate to inmate call and heard an older sibling telling a younger one what to say when questioned about a recent shooting. The conversation made a great contribution towards solving that case.



The good customer service of Securus has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) who accredited the company and gave it an A+ rating in customer service. This was after Securus set up a 220 seat in-house domestic call center. The center answers calls in an average of 11 seconds and a 99% first call resolution rate. This ensures that customers are served efficiently and issues are resolved in a timely manner.



Ricardo Tosto: Why You Need Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you running an organization or business enterprise in Brazil? Do you need an attorney who is well versed in business structure or formation? Want to hire the services of a seasoned for litigation issues?

If you need the expertise of an experienced business lawyer or attorney in Brazil, get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

In doing establishment, one of the most crucial aspects of having your words serve as your bond is with your deal arrangement. But from time to time, despite your best efforts, you may find your organization facing a legal dispute or conflict over an existing company agreement or arrangement.

If you are interested in starting a business enterprise with at least two other business partners, then one of the first recommendations to make is to first draft an engagement letter, and secondly to draft a written agreement.

It is important to use the advice of a lawyer or attorney to really help you make important organization decisions with as much information as possible. Doing this can help prevent serious problems from getting any worse and can help you keep the organization operating in the face of legal concerns.

Whether you need a law firm or attorney in Brazil to advise or help you with business written agreements, misunderstandings, litigation, or even launching your establishment, Ricardo Tosto can help with years of experience in each of these areas.

With a large number of satisfied clients, rest assured that by working with Ricardo Tosto you will be able to reach your company goals. When you consult with Ricardo Tosto, he will let you know your options so you can make an informed decision. He will guide you properly and ensure that you are on the right track.


José Borghi is A Respected Figure in The Advertising World

Advertising is one of the most powerful methods that companies can use to get the word out about products and services. Companies spend a significant share of the annual budget on advertising because the use of advertising is a proven method to increase company exposure. Without advertising, it is hard for companies to generate interest and exposure regarding its products and services.

However, there is much more to advertising then simply purchasing advertising whether on the Internet, television, radio, magazines or another advertising medium. Advertising is a specialty that requires unique skills, expertise, and experience. Many companies handle advertising related functions in house, but advertising requires a particular specialty that many companies do not maintain in-house. Therefore, the companies that do not handle advertising in-house look to advertising agencies to handle all aspects related to advertising.

There are a variety of advantageous for companies regarding the use of an advertising agency to manage all advertising responsibilities. One of the biggest advantages is that advertising agencies work exclusively with advertising. This is what the agencies do all the time. This allows the advertising agencies to know much more about advertising than the staff at almost any company. In addition, advertising agencies have employees who are devoted to just advertising related projects. As a result, the level of performance regarding the advertising efforts is generally higher than what in-house advertising personnel can produce.

A well-respected advertising agency is Mullen Lowe Brasil. The agency has numerous high profile clients that it serves. The agency has a proven track record for producing great results with its advertising efforts. One of the best advertising professionals in the world is an executive at Mullen Lowe Brasil. His name is Jose Borghi.

Jose Borghi has an impressive resume in the advertising world. He started his career in 1989, and he quickly became a shining star in the advertising world. Widely considered one of the best advertisers in Brazil, Jose Borghi has been the president of multiple advertising companies.

He currently serves as the president of Mullen Lowe Brasil. The advertising firm is one of the best advertising firms in Brazil. Jose Borghi has many responsibilities at Mullen Lowe Brasil. He has demonstrated to the advertising world that his leadership and advertising skills are top-notch.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the most influential companies associated with stocks to issue fast working capital. For the company, nothing gives them much honor as to top off the stock-based loans. The company has its presence in various parts of the world with offices in four continents in the world. The headquarters of the company is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Equities First Holdings is now a leader in the alternative financial solutions through shareholder. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy, has noted that there is an increase in the adoption of stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during this era of harsh economic crisis. Stock-based and margin loans are highly adopted during a harsh economic crisis. During the season of economic crisis, there is an inevitable market fluctuation of stocks and other treasuries. Bonds are also affected with an economic crisis. Moreover, banks and other sources of credit-based loans and financial companies have their loan qualification criteria tightened. For this reason, they engage in issuing the loans using higher interest rates to have most of their customers scared away from the loans. However, the traction of the stock-based loans has grown over the years.

There are many other financing options left for the companies and high net-worth individuals. However, the banks have their lending options cut down to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis for the sake of the population. For this reason, traction of the credit-based loans is often too low for significance purposes. The Founder of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, has seen the traction of the stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during an era of economic crisis. Stock-based loans are also characterized by low-interest rates to attract most companies and individuals seeking the fast working capital. As a matter of fact, they are also characterized by the high loan-to-value ratio which allows you to enjoy the proceeds of the loan with greater benefit. The low-interest rates are fixed even during an economic crisis.

According to Al Christy, many people do not understand that there are many differences between the margin and stock-based loans. According to him, there are marked differences between the two. For the stock-based loans, you are not required to state the intended use of the loan as one of the qualification methods. However, this is the case with the margin loans.

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IAP Worldwide, the Pride of United States

One can never talk about solving the problems in the US without mentioning IAP Worldwide, a company founded in Irmo, a town in Richland and Lexington counties. The company has a mission to eradicate many problems encountered on a daily basis. They may range from natural calamities to wars. It does this through a series of inventions such as airspace launch and management and maintenance of commercial and military properties. Through hard work, it has grown to become a global company winning contracts in different continents.

The company raised its capital through the help of Kaye Scholer who acted on behalf of IAP Worldwide’s lenders as he had the experience required to restructure the capital which they successfully achieved.

One of the greatest achievements of the company was on 2016 when the US Army selected it to provide their services to them because of their outstanding efforts in satisfying clients. The contract, valued at over $900million, was for providing the framework and maintenance of the services they offered in the military base.

It has also acquired Logistics Business and DRS Technologies in Oklahoma with the aim of tapping the skills from these companies to provide its long-term future. Also, it will increase its efficiency to deliver the services to the targeted customers.

The Significance of IAP Worldwide

– Emergency response

IAP Worldwide has become an integral part in case of accidents as its emergency response is unmatched. Take for instance the Hurricane Mathews; the company responded in a greater manner offering the assistance in the affected regions. The result was calming the intensity of the disaster. They achieve this by use of social media such Facebook whereby they could be reached quickly in case of emergency.

– Job opportunities

The company, with its growth globally, hires a large workforce. These are both skilled and unskilled personnel who are required to provide the services. This model has made it one of the biggest global employers. The result is an improvement of the livelihood where the company works. The jobs are available throughout the year as the company embarks on searching for the right candidates for the job. The job seekers apply for the jobs online on the company’s LinkedIn page where they post their resumes. The jobs available are in the fields of Engineering Operations, Accounting, and Logistics.

The impact of the company is something to watch and emulate. The future certainly looks bright with the efforts in place ensuring that the corporation achieves greater heights.

The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

A person who display greatness can be a blessing which comes in many different forms whether it’s intellectual or physical. People seem to admire these special talented individuals and for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, many of these talented people will never become household names, but that’s not the end goal as this article will talk about a guy with a brilliant mind (in-a-sense) and what he’s achieved in his lifetime.

Eric Pulier is his name and technology is his game. The Teaneck, New Jersey native has always had a fond liking for technology or any other techno gadget. As a youngster, Pulier always seem to be more creative than his peers as he could take the smallest of ideas and turn them into something practical. Having ingenuity like this doesn’t come by chance and is much more so a natural born talent. In just the fourth grade this guy programmed his very first computer and by high school he had already founded his first computer database company. Yes, the foundation was set during these years, but who knew that he would end up being such a huge success years later. Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University. The English/American Literature Major played many key roles during this time as an editor for the Harvard Crimson publication in which he also wrote his very own column. The guy literally carried multiple projects at one time unlike his peers and this would set the ball in motion for the years to cum. In 1988 he graduated magna cum laude and in 1991 Pulier setoff to Los Angeles, California to pursue his professional career.

Eric Pulier started a great company known as (PDT) People Doing Things. This company used innovative technology to solve issues in the education and healthcare fields respectfully. As of today he has been the owner of 15 companies and after selling his last venture/business for a whopping $350 Million. This guy is the real deal all while donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to capital ventures as well as tech start-up companies. Eric pulier personifies greatness and his long list of accomplishments is a testament to his success.

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