Affordable Housing In Baltimore a Reality Thanks To Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC in 2015 with the focused goal of creating more affordable home ownership in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. He guested on the Larry Young Morning Show recently, speaking about his latest project for the urban development company. He told the radio show host that he is quite passionate about increasing the number of homeowners in the city.

Seawright pointed out how stable neighborhoods can become, once home owners increase in number. For many of his company’s clients, this will be the first opportunity they can have to buy a home. He says the history of home ownership proves that when people have pride in their own homes, they work with others to build a safer, happier, and a more productive society. He says this is critically important for Baltimore, which currently has less than 49 percent home owners. The Larry Young radio show is aired over WOLB Talk 1010.

This will create a more solid, healthy, and happy society there, he believes. That is why his RPS Solutions works so hard to help low-income families get the mortgage loans they need to buy a new or refurbished home in Baltimore. His company has been especially focused on the Belvedere Square neighborhood.

Kevin Seawright is a Baltimore native whose career had been focused on managing large projects in education, real estate, and for local government agencies in areas of New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Maryland. He was the Executive Vice President and CFO for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC). Seawright is highly educated and has vast experience in managing large community projects.  Read more about him, and his appointment at the NCEDC on NJBiz.

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