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David Osio Exceptional Leadership Skills

David Osio is a force to reckon with in the real estate industry. His extensive research, experience, skills and knowledge he has acquired for more than twenty years makes him one of the best in the industry. Mr Osio has a comprehensive and an incredible record in building equity portfolio for companies and products commercial banking and lending and in real estate. He uses his expertise and his knack for providing excellent services to led and guide his company to greatness.



Mr Osio is not a newbie when it comes to the use of technology into the company. He worked together with Tecknolution’s Gerald Gonzales to come up with the Davos CAP Calculator. Speaking at the luncheon, Mr Osio reveals that they spent adequate amount of time designing the application which is intended to bring a smile to investors.



The calculator is meant to remove any sense of uncertainties to the investors, by calculating the amount of money they expect to benefit from a real estate venture. The app also contains a mortgage calculator which enables investors to get bank estimates on a property which gives them an amount of money they expect as return on investment. More interestingly, the application enables investors to find property on sale and communicate with the company’s staff to get help.



Mr Osio began his career 1981 as the president of the OPED Enterprise. At the company, he was responsible of overseeing the exports, strategic plans and implementation of the company. Soon afterwards he was working at LETCO Commercial Companies as a senior executive. Here, he oversaw the marketing strategies the company took.



Having a degree in International Banking Law saw him into working at The Caracas. Here, he was able to use his knowledge on law and banking and was made in charge of corporate clients. Later on, he was made the vice president of Banco Latino International Private Banking Division. He was responsible for leading the bank into an international level and acceptance.



From his career history, Mr Osio has worked in various executive levels. From which he learned to handle both his subordinates and also clients. Starting his company and keeping it running for all these years can be attributed to his interpersonal skills and ability to interact with his clients. Creativity and the need to come up with new ways of doing things are th reason behind the success of the company.

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