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The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

A person who display greatness can be a blessing which comes in many different forms whether it’s intellectual or physical. People seem to admire these special talented individuals and for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, many of these talented people will never become household names, but that’s not the end goal as this article will talk about a guy with a brilliant mind (in-a-sense) and what he’s achieved in his lifetime.

Eric Pulier is his name and technology is his game. The Teaneck, New Jersey native has always had a fond liking for technology or any other techno gadget. As a youngster, Pulier always seem to be more creative than his peers as he could take the smallest of ideas and turn them into something practical. Having ingenuity like this doesn’t come by chance and is much more so a natural born talent. In just the fourth grade this guy programmed his very first computer and by high school he had already founded his first computer database company. Yes, the foundation was set during these years, but who knew that he would end up being such a huge success years later. Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University. The English/American Literature Major played many key roles during this time as an editor for the Harvard Crimson publication in which he also wrote his very own column. The guy literally carried multiple projects at one time unlike his peers and this would set the ball in motion for the years to cum. In 1988 he graduated magna cum laude and in 1991 Pulier setoff to Los Angeles, California to pursue his professional career.

Eric Pulier started a great company known as (PDT) People Doing Things. This company used innovative technology to solve issues in the education and healthcare fields respectfully. As of today he has been the owner of 15 companies and after selling his last venture/business for a whopping $350 Million. This guy is the real deal all while donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to capital ventures as well as tech start-up companies. Eric pulier personifies greatness and his long list of accomplishments is a testament to his success.

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