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Paul Mampilly – Elite Financial Investor

Paul Mampilly, a former hedge fund, signed on to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 to begin the process of Profits Unlimited with the sole purpose of directing Main Street Americans into a positive profitable investment opportunity.

As part of his job with Banyan Hill, he is responsible for writing an eight-page newsletter that he sends to all of his subscribers each month. Mampilly is excited to announce the recent increase in subscribers has reached 60,000, making it one of the fastest growing newsletters in the financial industry. His success in the industry has been growing for many years and his expertise has been long lived in the market.

Paul Mampilly had the pleasure of working on Wall Street for 20 years, which is where he gained much of his expertise in the financial industry. His financial career started in 1991 where he worked as a research assistant. He quickly rose to more elite positions where he managed multi-million dollar accounts for several different investment firms. He has worked for clients such as Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics International. In 2009, he won an investment competition sponsored by the Templeton Foundation, which was able to turn a $50 million investment into $88 million.

Mampilly was born in India. He came to the United States after high school to pursue his career in the investment industry and help others with their investment decision making. He spent many years committing his research and expertise to many millionaires in the industry. He now spends his time focusing on how he can help the Main Street Americans with their investments and financial matters. Mampilly has been featured on CNBC, Bloomber TV and Fox Business News as an elite financial businessman. He is also the founder of Profits Unlimited, which is an investment newsletter that has become quite popular.

Felipe Montoro Jens Supports Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Water Service Delivery

The Brazilian government recently announced plans to put in place concessions to improve water and sanitation services in the country. Most of the water services are provided by state-run organizations with a handful of private sector players. The initiative is aimed at strengthening the private-public partnership in the provision of water services. Private companies can take advantage of the extensive operational experience that state bodies have to offer.



According to finance and management expert Felipe Montoro Jens, the biggest threat to revenue for public water services is water waste. He noted that private companies have the capacity and technology to enable public water services to protect their infrastructure. Besides, water management processes can also be improved. This will minimize water wastage, strengthening their bottom line. The concession is also expected to attract more investors in the sewage segment.



Felipe Montoro Jens was being interviewed by Edison Carlos of Trata Brazil, a water and sanitation services civil society group, as part of the ongoing discussions regarding the proposed concessions. Felipe Montoro Jens believes public utilities need to align their goals in line with the requirements of the populations they serve. Clear engagement frameworks and monitoring processes were also identified as essential ingredients to a successful partnership with the private sector.



Felipe has held various finance and executive management positions. He has previously worked for Enel Group, an Italian electricity and gas conglomerate. He has also worked for multinationals like Enron, the American energy corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers, a professional service consulting network. Additionally, Felipe Montoro Jens is also a director of Tenenge UK Holdings, a civil engineering company.



Felipe Montoro Jens is a finance graduate of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and has a Business Administration master’s degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. In 2011, he was a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum in Rio, Brazil.