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Todd Lubar, A Man on a Mission to Adding Value to Lives

Todd Lubar is the founder and the president of a real estate company, Legendary Properties, LLC. A renowned mortgage broker, Todd’s education landed him at Syracuse University where he studied and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. His career journey started out in Crestar Mortgage Corporation after graduation and worked with them up until 1999. Legacy Financial Group was his next career move in 1999. The company credits Todd’s input to the growth in their loan portfolio of the business. His service to the firm spanned for six years to 2005 where he took up a position in Charter Funding as a Senior Vice President. His wealth of experience in the industry earned him a place among the 25 top mortgage leaders in the country.


Industries and Investments he has Interests In


Despite working in the mortgage business, Todd’s focus was set in the real estate industry. This was clear when he founded Legendary Properties LLC. The company’s focus at that time was the purchase, rehabilitation and gradual sale of properties. As such the company’s profits swelled and established its position among other real estate and financial companies. His position accorded him contacts that would allow him to secure well-paying contracts through his demolition companies. Legendary Financials LLC was formed as a subsidiary of the real estate firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. Using this firm, Todd introduced a lending alternative for individuals as well as companies who had a difficult time accessing funds from the banking industry. Back in 2007 all through 2008, Todd diversified his investments to several industries. Top among them was in the automotive industry where his company deals with recycling scrap metals of vehicles.


Todd’s Life Away from Business


In a town in Maryland known as Bethesda, there you’ll find Todd Lubar enjoy most of his time with his two beautiful kids.


A financial guru, changing lives one day after another.