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Jason Hope And Giving Back To AZ Community

Jason Hope Gives Back to ScottsdaleOne thing that could be said for Jason Hope is that he is a philanthropist. He is someone that loves giving back to his community. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ, and is very passionate about making sure people in his community have their needs met. He takes a lot of time off to give to the welfare of others. One of the reasons he does that is because he believes that he is in the position to do so. The cities of AZ especially need people that will contribute to the community. There are a lot of programs that will be put in place for him.

One of the reasons that Jason Hope is so generous is because he is a technology entrepreneur. Therefore, he gets to experience all of the profitability and freedom that an entrepreneur has. This allows him a lot of extra money so that he could give to others in need and  that will make sure that people who are less fortunate are able to enjoy some greater comfort. Among the ways Jason Hope helps the community is by giving to local organizations and offering students grants to help pay for school He makes sure that people in these organizations are able to have something they need.

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He is also providing support to global organizations with the money he needs. This is something that is really generous of him. It shows that he is truly grateful for his position in life. It also shows that he is understanding of the obstacles that people face. He himself understands that while he is successful, it is not something that has come easy for people, including him. Therefore, he is willing to offer support to people that are also trying to overcome their obstacles. Jason Hope is willing to provide the support that they need so that they can truly move forward.

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Dick DeVos Continues His Fight For U.S. Education Reform

I have been aware of the name Dick DeVos since his days as the head of the Orlando Magic NBA team and later his leadership of the AmWay Group. I have always been impressed with the way DeVos conducts business, but recently his philanthropic work has made him an even more impressive person in my eyes. As always I look out for any articles giving me information on the lives of Dick DeVos and wife Betsy, which I recently found in the form of an interview with Betsy in Philanthropy Roundtable. The commitment made by Dick and Betsy DeVos to education reform across the U.S. is nothing short of staggering as the couple have continued to fund programs centered on school choice far from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not only do Dick and Betsy fund the political campaigns to install these programs in each state, but shocked me with the revelation they also fund advertising campaigns designed to make people aware of the coming deadlines revolving around the introduction of school voucher schemes. For Betsy and Dick DeVos this seems to have become more than just a program to fund, but I believe has become their passion.

As I stated earlier I first became aware of Dick DeVos when he was the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise, the arrival of the DeVos family saw a period of great success for the basketball team I love.  Dick DeVos has a global view on life that sees him provide funding for students from third world nations who wish to enter the world of business, I was pleased to see the establishment of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship at the Thunderbird School of Global Management become a reality in 2008, according to Wikipedia.