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Tips on creating the type of work place that will maximize the productivity of your employees-Marc Sparks

The one thing that you will hear most of the employers complaining about every time they are asked how their business is doing, is the productivity of their employees. There are times when the problem gets really serious and the bottom line starts dwindling. Well, according to Mark Sparks, the president and founder of his own private equities company, the location of your office could be the reason behind the little success that it has been achieving.

The company has been located at the same place since they started their operations, however, he has confided that for the first time, he is thinking about changing the company headquarters to a place where more incubation will be a possibility. The company that he presides over helps businesses in developing strategies and starting the operations that assist them in the generation of more money.

According to him, the first step that he recommends for investors, even before they start looking for business locations, is getting the needed capital and other resources that are helpful in the success of the business. He says that in his experience, the condition of the workers is one of the things that affects up to 25 percent of the productivity of the team.

For instance, when an office is located in a rundown warehouse in a sketchy neighborhood, the employees will not have the same attitude towards work as they would in situations where the office is located in a clean building in the leafy suburbs with air conditioning and better scenery. In short, he says that the sense of optimism the company will have should be based on among other things, the environment where it is located.

There is a lot of other literature that he has written about his journey in entrepreneurship, his successes and his failures. One of the books that he has written, ‘They can’t Eat you’ talks about the journey he has taken in entrepreneurship, the successes that he has made in the process and also the failures.

Through his experience with his company, Timber Creek Capital, he has become a believer that people who handle the challenges of entrepreneurship head on are the ones that become successful. He wants to use the skills that he has gained in his journey to help the others skip the loopholes that are common in the world of investing. Marc Sparks is a truly exceptional thinker and innovator.