The Collections of Michael Zomber


Michael Zomber has become very famous for the things he collects. He takes both of his large collections of samurai swords and antique guns very seriously. This has resulted in him becoming an expert regarding the history of these weapons.

Michael Zomber received a pair of bachelor’s degrees from the University of Illinois. He majored in psychology and English. Michael knew that he would be able to get a better job if he continued his studies. Therefore, he enrolled in the graduate program at UCLA. He would earn a master’s degree in English literature from this school. Michael was at a crossroads after he finished his college studies. He was not sure what type of career he wanted to get into. He had many job offers in a wide range of industries. He could have never guessed how a trip to a gun show would change his life forever.

Michael was taken to a gun show by a friend, as he’s told on Facebook before. He had no particular interest in guns. However, he decided to go because he did not have anything else to do. He became very interested in the antique guns that were for sale. Michael went to the local library and started to read everything he could about these guns. This would eventually lead Michael to assemble one of the world’s best antique gun collections.

However, guns are not the only items collected by Michael Zomber. He also has a very impressive collection of samurai swords. His interest in samurai originally came from some books he read when he was young. He always admired the code of honor that the samurai lived by. Michael based the screenplay for a film he wrote on the samurai way of life. The film was received very well by many critics who watched it. The samurai sword collection of Michael Zomber has been temporarily displayed at many of the greatest museums in various countries.

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